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Our suite of comprehensive disciple-making experiences are designed to bring real transformation to you and your faith community. Modeled after Jesus’s disciple-making rhythms, these experiences teach spiritual habits; build genuine community; encourage high investment; multiply leaders; and unleash all of God's people to become missionaries where they live, work, learn and play.

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Helping disciples discover their unique, personal callings.

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Reorient church consumers to become contributors to Jesus’s mission.

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Empower servant leaders to guide and influence communities and teams on-mission.

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Equip disciples to become everyday missionaries where they live, work, learn and play.

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In-depth walk-through of the Disciples Made experiences, methods and best-practices.

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Group and individual coaching to create the most effective experiences possible.

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Get access to experiences, topics, chats, videos, and more.

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We can help you discern which experiences are best for your community.

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Did you set out to change the world but find yourself running on empty instead? Do you want to help people find their callings, not just sign up for the next empty volunteer slot? Are you longing for authentic, vulnerable community but unsure how to nurture it? Disciples Made creates transformational experiences for individuals, small groups and churches who are looking for more.

Our goal is real change: That’s why we focus on habits and outcomes—and track them in our app. These experiences deliver high value: Nothing short of disciples, servant leaders, everyday individuals who want to live out their faith right where God has positioned them. We believe everyone should be empowered to fulfill their callings — whether in business, organizations or churches, minstries and on the mission field. Indiviuals living Fully Alive can influence those around them, multiplying influential leaders.

Our Guarantee: Follow the plan and you will see a radical increase in character and personal calling; leading to an unprecedented number of new disciples and leaders.

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YOU! Can live Fully Alive.

In every human, there's an inate desire to be signifanct, valuable, and to fill the gaps and voids of our lives. Jesus made a promise in John 10:10. He said He came that every person could have life and live it to the fullest. That promise wasn't for a select few, but for any person who wants it. This is your invitation to live Fully Alive! If you want to learn to live in such a way that it affects those around you, start your journey with our ebook, Fully Alive.

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Help others live Fully Alive.

Our digital community is where you get access to experiences, topics, chats, videos, and more. Each item is outcome focused, encouraging both church leaders and everyday followers of Jesus to take their next step.

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Digital Community

Ancient practices. Modern Support.

Our Disciples Made experiences are supported by a web-based app that helps participants and community leaders track habits, track progress in character and calling, stay connected, learn from a variety of proven disciple-makers, and encourage one another.


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