How Disciples Made Makes Disciples

A brief overview of Disciples Made’s unique IDE, or Intentional Disciple-Making Environment.

The Disciples Made Experiences

A brief overview of Disciples Made’s four IDEs; Followers Made, Leaders Made, BLESS, and Simple Church

Does the Order Matter & Where Should I Start?

Our recommendation for best use of the Disciples Made experiences



Bible Doctrine

Wayne Grudem

Supports spiritual leadership by providing a theological foundation


7 Practices of Effective Ministry

Andy Stanley

Spells out a practical framework for approaching spiritual leadership


Spiritual Leadership

J. Oswald Sanders

Defines the biblical standards for spiritual leadership


In the Name of Jesus

Henri Nouwen

Approaches spiritual leadership from a deeply personal and devotional perspective


Lead Like Jesus Revisited

Ken Blanchard

Encourages ownership in moving toward a shared leadership in Jesus’ mission

*to be read before the Info Huddle


Discover Your Mission Now

Dave Ferguson

Maps out a powerful and effective way to BLESS your neighbors


Chair Time

Dan Southerland

Unpacks a simple and profound way to enhance your prayer life


Find Your Place

Rob Wegner & Brian Phipps

Triangulates three signals to help readers locate their calling


The Pursuit of Holiness

Jerry Bridges

Shares God’s expectation and pathway for significant spiritual growth.


The Prodigal God

Timothy Keller

Contrasts Jesus’ gospel with counterfeit gospels that can hinder spiritual formation

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