Our Experiences

We are a suite of comprehensive disciple-making experiences.

Followers Made

Reorients church consumers to become contributors to Jesus’ mission


Six months of weekly small group huddles and daily online activity.

Goal 1:

Visibly develop the fruit of the Spirit (Love, joy, peace, patience…)

Goal 2:

Create a hunger for and take informed steps toward personal calling

Leaders Made

Optimizes servant leadership, empowering disciples to lead a community on mission.


Ten months of weekly small group huddles and daily online activity.

Goal 1:

Cultivate servant leaders that positively influence others

Goal 2:

Optimize character development and personal calling clarity.

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I have watched Brian walk out what he teaches. He truly embodies that character x calling = impact. Through Disciples Made, Brian is now taking a tested-in-the-trenches discipleship process and making it accessible to disciple makers everywhere. If you are interested in producing intentional disciple-making environments in your church, then Disciples Made is the ministry and resource for you.
Chris Surratt, Small Group & Discipleship Specialist at LifeWay

Missionaries Made

Equips disciples to become everyday missionaries where they live, work, learn and play


14 Weeks

Goal 1:

Enrich each participants ability to speak the gospel to themselves and others

Goal 2:

Equip each participant to live the in and out rhythms of Missionaries Made

Microchurch Learning Community

Equips everyday missionaries to plant an extended spiritual family living on mission in their neighborhood.


12 Months

Goal 1:

Coaching to empower expressions of church in neighborhoods and networks.

Goal 2:

The development of the 1, 3, 12, & 72 social spaces, spiritual formation and an incarnational lifestyle.

Disciples are made when believers are faithful to influence others toward Jesus out of their love for God and others. Kingdom-expanding impact requires Christ-like character and a Spirit-given calling that Brian has modeled for years. His passion and intentionality are contagious. You and those who lead with you will be more effective at inviting people to live fully alive as a result of spending time with him!
Reid Smith, Groups Pastor at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach, Florida


Disciples Made provides both group and individual coaching to establish best practices in implementing our experiences.

Discovering how God has created us is an important next step for everyone and an exciting ongoing journey!

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