Our Story

What Makes Disciples Made Unique

Disciples Made focuses on habits and outcomes over content and clutter. We believe the main thing needs to be the main thing. It’s easy to get distracted by bells and whistles, but our catalytic experiences teach people how to think instead of telling them what to think. It takes time to develop life-long habits and transformative community, and our resources help you get there. We want you as part of our “50 Cities, 50 Movements” initiative – you were called to lead others toward spiritual outcomes and impact.

Our History

You received the call to lead others a long time ago, and we received ours in 2010. Our director, Brian Phipps, was content leading a group of young men – and that was part of the problem. He wondered what it would look like to disciple each of those individuals for a year, and then turn them loose. In other words, to enable that group to go and lead for themselves. That’s where Disciples Made began. God gave Brian the vision for two experiences: Followers Made and Leaders Made. The goal of each program is anything but contentment – it’s discipleship centered on the person of Jesus.

50 Cities 50 Movements

Jesus spent three years equipping his disciples with truths and wisdom he knew they would need after he left. His disciples then spent the rest of their lives going from city to city telling of God’s saving grace through the Son of Man. None of that sounds like a “quick fix” to us at Disciples Made. We recognize discipleship, and setting leaders on their path, takes time and resources. We have the latter covered for you, and only ask for your time and commitment to the process. Catalyzing 50 cities toward disciple-making movements won’t happen overnight, but it can start tomorrow. And in our world today, we don’t think there is any time to waste.

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