“If you want to move beyond theory when it comes to disciple-making movement, missionary formation, leadership multiplication and microchurches emerging in new contexts, I encourage you to look to Disciples Made. Disciples Made is one of the bright spots for the future for the Church in the West.”

Alan Hirsch,

Founder of 100 Movements, Forge, & Future Travelers

“Disciples Made has been perfect for our team. We had already begun the journey of questioning our systems and the centrality of discipleship as the engine to our community. The Disciples Made team went above and beyond to help our team reflect on how to begin the process and recognized where we were ready and where we needed to move slow to ensure effort was not wasted. If you believe that discipleship is the vehicle for transformation and kingdom imagination, then the Disciples Made team will compliment that journey gaining faithful momentum.”

Kim Hammond,

CityLife Church – Melbourne, Australia

“Crossroads mission is making disciples that represent the Gospel to every man, woman and child. Yet, we struggled with finding consistency in our methods for making disciples. Disciples Made has provided us with that consistency that develops both personal and relational rhythms towards becoming disciples of Christ that make disciples. Disciples Made moves beyond content (though really good content) to habits to outcomes. Disciples Made is now part of our leadership development process and integral to our disciple-making strategy.”

Russ Holt,

Executive Pastor Columbia Crossroads Church, Operations Director Christ Together

“Disciples Made was essential to our game plan… giving us the feedback necessary to make the shifts vital to becoming a disciple-making movement church. We didn’t need a plug-and-play system. We needed a better understanding of what to do with what we already had and how to add the few pieces that were missing. I am genuinely excited about our future and our ongoing partnership with Disciples Made.”

Brandin Melton,

Nexus Church – Portland, Oregon

“The Disciples Made team has brought fresh wind into our tattered sails as a church planting team. Their tools are sharp and extremely helpful, and their responsive care is even better. We are deeply grateful for how God is using this resource to equip our people to grow in Christlikeness as they discover their part in fulfilling the Great Commission.”

Matt Fogle,

Rhythm Community Churches – Mesa, Arizona

“Brian and his team at DM have the most practical approach to disciple making I have ever seen! World class coaching that will help you feel like discipleship reproduction is realistic, attainable and will work at any church period! ”

Craig Kackley,

Church of the Four Corners – Independence, Missouri

“Disciples Made is one of the most effective tools that I have experienced, in nearly 20 year of ministry, to connect God’s people to His mission. Disciples Made is designed with great clarity and purpose, and it provides the resources necessary to facilitate exponential growth. At our church, it has become more than just another program, it has become a movement!”

Scott Courtney,

Journey Church International – Lees Summit, Missouri