Raising up leaders to help people find their way back to God

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Raising up leaders

Helping people find their way back to God is key to Restore Community Church.  Their passion for that mission and growth in that mission is evident in the Kansas City area.  However, like most churches, how do you raise up leaders to come alongside what the leadership is doing so even more people can find their way back to God?

Janet McMahon is the Community Life Director at Restore.  Listen to her video testimony about how she has begun using Disciples Made to raise up disciples and unleash them into their own community to make an impact for Christ.

Check out Janet’s Testimony


How can you raise up leaders too?

Disciples Made offers two separate studies, Followers Made (a 26-week outcome based study) and Leaders Made (a 50-week leadership based study).  You can raise up leaders at your church too!  Take a look at disciplesmade.com for more information.

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