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Disciples Made provides far more than online disciple-making tools. Disciples Made multiplies disciples by pastoring pastors. John Crane, pastor of the Evangelistic Center Church in Kansas City, shares how Disciples Made’s founder has helped him lead his church to multiply disciples.

John writes,

“We were introduced to Brian Phipps as a consultant to assist our leadership team in recasting the vision of our church. This strategic process has revitalized our leadership team and transformed our perspectives. Brian’s book, Find Your Place and the accompanying GPS Assessment have brought new clarity to our team’s roles so we understand each other more fully and maximize our differences to accomplish our mission. As Lead Pastor it has moved me from having a solo care giver mentality to a team of leaders who are training leaders to fulfill the great commission to make disciples!”

John and his team were invited into a Leaders Made group with Brian and other Kansas City pastors and business leaders. Here are John’s words about that experience,

“Submitting myself to the daily habits of bible reading and journaling, and meeting weekly for accountability and discussion of the leadership books, revealed many of my blind spots and stubborn areas that needed to change.  I discovered I wasn’t alone in my struggles and found a safe place to be transparent and open and accountable. This has renewed my calling to make disciples and to establish leaders for the future.”

 John leads a Followers Made group at ECC. The following are the words of Aimee Espy, one of the group participants,

“I have been a Christian for most of my life. I grew up in a Christian home, attended Christian school for most of my education, and went to church four times a week. I was taught to have a relationship with God, but I couldn’t say that I was a true follower of Christ. It was along this journey that God started to show me the condition of my heart, or my character, and heard how He is calling me to a more fruitful and fulfilling place. As I journal, I can better connect the things God is speaking into my life. Through the reading of the books, God is showing me what I’m missing in a relationship with Him. My triad has spoken words of life and encouragement so I don’t give up. God has helped me let go of some things that were causing me stress and anxiety. I have a better direction of what God has called me to do with my life and I am enjoying a new found trust that God’s going to get me where I need to go.”

Brian will be leading his first Multi-City Leaders Made beginning the fall of 2019. Interested in participating or in consulting with Disciples Made? Email us at [email protected].

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