Mother’s Day Disciple-Making Story

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Happy Mother’s Day!

At Disciples Made, we celebrate families growing together. For this Mother’s Day, enjoy the story of Amy and her high school son Matthew, as they intentionally grow together in character and calling. Amy and Matthew serve together in their church’s youth ministry.

Amy said, “Participating in Followers Made has greatly increased my ability to sense God’s presence and to hear His direction each day.  Allowing God to be in control is a daily choice, but one that has made my life more grounded and peace-filled.“ 

Matthew states, “Followers Made helped me develop more of a relationship with God instead of just doing ‘good works’ – like serving, going to church each week, or Bible memorization. Learning about my gifts confirmed who I am and led me to become a worship leader for our high school ministry.  FM really helped me to lead through scripture and by the Holy Spirit, vs. leading through power and authority.  This process has deepened my desire for others to be able to connect with the Holy Spirit as they worship God.”

Amy also expressed “Both my son and I have confirmed that we are serving where the Lord wants us to be. Being able to walk alongside these wonderful young adults each week is such a blessing.  Followers Made and Leaders Made have helped me guide these young adults to really take ownership of their faith. We have planted the seeds of Truth for these students to establish deeper roots in Christ before they go on to college and/or out on their own. Through these groups we definitely have deeper and richer relationships with our Savior, Jesus. These programs have made us more confident in who we are and who God has called us and designed us to be.  Life is a journey – we are far from perfect – but oh so blessed to be heading in the right direction.”

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