Making Disciples & The Fast Lane

Cars driving fast

Is it really faster in the fast lane?

Jesus tells us to love everyone. The Late-Merger makes this a significant challenge for me. You have probably experienced the late-merger yourself. 

Let’s say you are driving down a two lane highway and see a sign telling you to merge due to traffic being reduced to one lane ahead. You dutifully enter the slow lane as requested even though there is a perfectly open lane that stretches for at least another half mile! As you inch forward with traffic a vehicle comes flying down the highway. The driver, ignoring the sign, continues to move all the way up to where the merge is forced and he must cut in front of another driver.

I experienced several late-mergers yesterday. As I watched the cars fly by and as I started my deep-breathing exercises (and prayer) to keep down the unhelpful words that were starting to come up, Jesus reminded me of a false assumption regarding discipleship I once held. I used to believe I could make disciples in the fast lane.

The warning signs of fast-lane discipleship

Over the years I have learned many different approaches to making disciples. Repeatedly I would succumb to embracing the approaches that targeted those of us addicted to the fast lane. Even when I chose a more comprehensive approach, I would compress the experience so it could be done with less time and investment. Unfortunately, short term and low time-investment solutions to discipleship are no solution at all. In fact, they even make the process of making disciples more difficult than it could have been had I picked the slow lane in the first place.

Just like the late-merger slows down traffic by frustrating other drivers and causing a longer wait, quick-fix attempts at discipleship frustrate people. Investments of time, energy, and money are made only to find little to no results in their lives.

I understand the temptation to embrace the fast lane when it comes to making disciples. Ministry has so many demands! Most small group leaders are extremely busy with work, family, and the stresses of life. We want to make it quick and easy for them!

But becoming a disciple is not quick or easy.

Jesus shows us the best lane for discipleship

Jesus was tasked with making disciples. He needed to do it in a way that would result in the transformation of the whole world. He had to do it with normal people, and He had only three years to do it.

Interestingly enough, Jesus never rushed. He never took the fast lane. Jesus, in fact, was often accused of taking unnecessary detours away from the slow lane to go even more slowly. Somehow, Jesus’ intentionality in that slow lane catalyzed a movement that involves over 4.2 billion people today.

Four years ago I started making disciples in the slow lane. I started with eleven men. Now, a multiplying movement of disciple-making has spread to nearly 400 people in our church and hundreds in other churches.

Get in Jesus’ lane and make true disciples

Are you ready to stop using late-merging forms of discipleship and get into the slow lane that can make movements of disciples? Are you willing to invest six months of your life to see how it can work? Click HERE to get started with your own Followers Made group. Disciples Made is ready to help you make disciples.

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