I Won’t Say No

Kurt H speaking

“If you put something in front of me God…I won’t say no”

How many times have you felt a prompting from God and knew it was Him asking you to take a step of faith?  How many times have you not taken that step?  If you’re like me, probably many.  I’m ashamed to admit how many times I felt like God leading me to talk to someone or say something to a group or even just do an act of service and I never followed through on the prompting.

Your Calling

Calling is a funny word.  It is sometimes a very churchy word and has a lot of baggage behind it.  However, each of us have a calling and each day we make small decisions to follow that calling or ignore those promptings.  Check out our featured “Story of Impact” of how one man dared to simply obey each of the promptings.  Listen in as Kurt’s willing heart to “not say no” allowed God to move mightily through him and impact not only his family but his neighborhood.  Want to make an impact in your world too?  Contact us at [email protected] or Sign Up today for a Followers Made study.

Story of Impact: Kurt Hendrickson

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