Get Spiritual “Traction” in 2020

Gino Wickman’s popular business book Traction offers clear guidance for surrounding yourself with the right people to build your business. Wickman’s counsel to business leaders happens to be the same counsel Disciples Made provides church leaders for discipling their people, which results in the growth of Jesus’ church.

Wickman encourages business leaders to leverage their employee’s “Unique Ability.” At Disciples Made, we call that unique ability “personal calling” and empower church leaders to help their members identify and engage that calling.

Personal Calling & “Unique Ability”

In chapter four Wickman defines “Unique Ability” as a person’s “greatest skill and passion.” At Disciples Made, we have repeatedly found that helping a person understand their top two spiritual gifts (greatest skill) and leading them to use those gifts in their primary area of passion is rocket fuel for spiritual formation. People who embrace their personal calling are finally in the game, not just watching the game, and they are motivated to play at the top of their game.

Wickman discovered that it works in business. We know it works in spiritual formation.

Discover Your Personal Calling!

GPS, Disciples Made’s free personal calling discovery tool, helps followers of Jesus discover their personal calling. Like Wickman, we keep it simple:

Find Your Place Book

G: spiritual gifts & abilities (greatest skills)

P: passions (people & causes)

S: story (highlight reel of the development of your gifts & passions)

Get the most out of the GPS assessment experience by ordering or downloading our personal companion guide, Find Your Place.

Create a Culture of Personal Calling in Your Church

If you are a church leader, our Gold Kit enables you to invite your entire church to take the GPS assessment and search the results to help people engage their personal calling. A four week message series and accompanying small group curriculum are included to boost that invitation church-wide. As a bonus we also have also included invaluable guidance in developing a team of volunteer coaches to ensure the culture lasts.

Want more info? Set up a free 30 minute video conference today to learn more.

A Critical Key to Getting Traction with Personal Calling

Church leaders, we encourage you to see your “organization” as much more than your local church. Jesus’ kingdom is not confined to the walls of your local church. In fact, your members live, work, and play in environments outside of those walls. They care about those environments. They want to make a difference in those environments.

If you want to see Traction in your spiritual formation efforts, invite your people to see the entire world as the target for their personal calling. Inspire them to take on the Goliaths of our day like poverty, injustice, illiteracy, and more. Volunteer roles in your church are a great incubator for developing personal calling, but they can not be seen as the end zone.

Get Traction in 2020!

The bible is filled with stories of ordinary people receiving a calling from God (passion) and using their spiritual gifts from God (greatest skills) to make life “on earth as it is in heaven.”

At Disciples Made, we have heard hundreds of these stories. People with disabilities are finding meaningful employment. Homeless families are finding food, shelter, & help getting back on their feet. Victims of sex trafficking are finding freedom and support while sexual predators are being deterred from their activity. Victims of abortion’s consequences are finding healing. The list goes on and on.

Want TRACTION in 2020? Make personal calling a priority and watch it happen.

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