Founder’s Story

Disciples Made was conceptualized while I was a full-time pastor, and realized an alarming trend in my own leadership: I was adding church leaders and helping my church add new attenders . . . but I was not multiplying leaders that joined me in building the church. I knew I was not alone. American churches were not multiplying, and that was no longer acceptable.

Learning to multiply leaders became the hill I would climb.

Starting in January of 2011, I led 11 individuals through a one year program I had sketched out on paper in under an hour. These were not the super-star mature followers of Jesus. They were average guys that accepted the challenge to step up and lead their own small group for the first time. Five months into that year, the results were staggering. They were not simply leading their groups, they were being transformed into passionate missionaries.

That’s when Disciples Made was born.

A lot has changed since then. An entire ecosystem of disciple-making language, strategy, and best practices has evolved. Other churches have leveraged that ecosystem through our coaching and multiplication cohorts to establish disciple-making cultures in their church. They are multiplying disciples and leaders.

My personal vision is to help catalyze 50 disciple-making movements in 50 cities by 2040. I will be 73 years old that year, and when I blow out the candles on my birthday cake I want to do it knowing that the 50th city just hit their 50th movement.

That would equal 1,000,000 people that will have developed character and calling.

That would be multiplied disciples that are making the world a better place.

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