Finding Your Place in this Season

Pat Bethea

“Our church implementing the Find Your Place experience in February was critical to our church, and so timely considering what was to come in March,” recalls Pat Bethea, Associate Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Auburn, Alabama. 

Cornerstone Church learned about Disciples Made about a year ago, and has since implemented three Follower’s Made groups and the Find Your Place sermon series curriculum. “The thing that was missing in our church culture was a meaningful, deep discipleship…When we learned about Disciples Made, it became clear that we needed to pursue what that was all about.”

Not only has the Disciples Made experience been impactful on Pat’s own spiritual journey, but on one particular member of his church. The gentleman in question, an Engineer and Assistant Professor at Auburn University, found himself “at home and hearing the news reports and anxiety of running out of respirators at the hospitals. And he goes out to his garage and starts messing with stuff. He transformed CPAP machines and has made them where they can be used as respirator machines in our hospitals.”

When Pat went to congratulate the man his response was, “Well, this is my place. My place is to find ways to make things work.” It was then Pat connected the dots: Cornerstone had just done a sermon series on finding your place – using the gifting God has given you, and putting those gifts to work through the passions you have, in order to benefit the causes that are before you. 

When talking about implementing Disciples Made, Pat said this: “We had been doing discipleship, we had trained our volunteers, but when we looked at it, we saw that what we were doing was recreating our staff positions or completing tasks. The disciple making piece of [DM]…the steps they encourage and challenge you to follow, they’re worth it.” He went on to say that, “The team guides you through it in a very relationship-focused, open way. It’s a process that is led by the Spirit, focused on scripture, and challenges you to make an impact where you live, work and play.” 

“What greater calling do we have than to make disciples? They have it so simply laid out…how to lead someone else to become a disciple. What a win! That’s a good thing in this journey.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Follower’s Made or the Find Your Place experience, email us at [email protected].  

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