Building a Foundation & Legacy of Faith


The following is a testimony shared by Carol Phipps. Carol has led many Followers Made groups for women and has developed an abbreviated version for teens.

This has been a difficult last six weeks. I have buried both my mother and my father.  It was difficult to not be able to call them on Easter, but I was comforted by knowing they were celebrating the resurrection in heaven this year together!

It will also be a challenging next few weeks. My first child will be graduating from college and beginning her “adulting “ (as she calls it).  There are a lot of changes in my life right now.  

I am grateful to be traveling these experiences with faith. Followers Made and Leaders Made have grounded me in God’s Word and love. I have developed my trust in God, as well as His calling on my life. It is this trust and my calling which keep me steadfast in times of change.  I trust His timing with my parents, knowing they are safe with Him now.  I trust his protection of my daughter as she embarks on a new set of experiences.

As my emotions fluctuate, my Spirit rejoices in what Jesus has done!  As I reflect on the years of raising my daughter, I see that Jesus has used me to teach her how to read Gods Word and apply it to her life. I taught her to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and strength. Like me, she has accountability partners who help her grow. She has owned her identity as a child of God, and embraced Jesus and his love for her.  Jesus has also used me to help her develop her own calling. She has prayed for direction in how to best use her gifts and surrendered her gifts to build Jesus’ Kingdom rather than her ego.

All these things I have learned from participating in and then leading Disciples Made groups.  In my effort to pass these on to my own kids I have realized my calling to reach the next generation… to help them develop character and calling and to make an Impact for Jesus.  The path is not perfectly clear to me yet, but I am trusting and obeying God for every ‘next step’. 

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