Becoming #StrongerTogether During COVID-19

Stronger Together Website

The Challenge

These past few weeks have brought an incredible amount of uncertainty and fear for people all over the world. Many are filled with hopelessness, fear, and anxiety, but God…That was the shift for Lee’s Summit’s Steve Grimm, who realized there was a simple way to come together and provide support during this time of difficulty. 

Steve is an architect for T-Mobile in Kansas City, and a Follower’s Made and Leader’s Made graduate from The Summit Church. During his experience with Disciples Made, he recounts that “God took hold of me and changed my life. I was already a believer, but Followers Made opened my eyes to what that means. It lit me on fire and that fire hasn’t been doused yet!”

The Inspiration

A few weeks ago, Steve realized that he was going to receive a stimulus check. “Here I am,” he said. “I’m blessed. I have a job, a means to work, and my family is in good health. That money doesn’t belong to me, it’s meant for people who need it.”

He recalls God instantly giving him the idea that he needed to donate the money to organizations that are providing relief to victims of COVID-19. He began to think, “There are others like me out there,” and the idea just took off from there. “One thought led to another,” and he remembers thinking, “This could be big! We could have an explosion of donations that would help people affected by COVID!”

He brought the idea to leaders at The Summit Church, yet quickly realized that this is more than just a need at their church; it is a need all over the United States. 

So, he began putting together a list, and then considered how to make it accessible for interested potential donors. He researched organizations contributing to the COVID cause, and built a website that lists them by state, in order to give people a multitude of options for their giving.

Throughout this experience he realized that “all I need to do is plant the seed. There is no idea that is too big.” His website provides donors with a simple way to make a huge impact in their community, their state, their nation. And, for those who cannot participate financially, he has placed on the website simple “copy and paste” social media captions to help spread the word. 

His final thoughts were these: “In all aspects of life – in joy, in fear, in sorrow, in loss – God is here, and He’s here now. Rather than giving in to fear, we can choose to give from our bounty in order to impact lives, in order to make a real difference. The fear is conquerable; everything is conquerable with God.”

How You Can Help

If you feel led to donate, please go visit Please share Steve’s website with the hashtag #StrongerTogether to start spreading awareness of this movement. This is a problem we are all facing, and it will undoubtedly take all of us to defeat. 


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