A Volunteer Who Started a Disciple-Making Movement


When Craig Jordison and his wife Lisa started leading a small group at their church, they had no idea it was Craig’s first step to becoming a disciple-making movement leader. Leading that first group stirred Craig’s hunger for God’s love through community and for learning more. It also put him on the list to be invited into his church’s first Followers Made group. Craig had high expectations for the change he would experience, but even these expectations were far exceeded.

Here are Craig’s words,

“I learned that there was a cost to following Jesus. The cost was the loss of my old prideful self, and moving towards someone who hungers to willingly sacrifice for Jesus based on a love that goes so deep that I again cannot fully describe it. It not only educated me to better understand Jesus, the bible, and my own brokenness; it changed my character and helped me know my spiritual gifts and what to do with them.”

Craig’s experience with Disciples Made lead him to write a personal mission, vision and values statement to guide his spiritual development. This statement prompted him to approach his church leadership about using Disciples Made to create a disciple-making movement in their church. That movement is off to a great start!

Ryan Holt, Next Steps Pastor at Journey Church International in Lees Summit says, “Craig has helped kick start a tremendous movement of discipleship at Journey. In the last 6 months he has helped us start 4 Follower’s Made Groups (2 men’s and 2 women’s) and our first Leader’s Made Group. His leadership has been instrumental in this movement getting underway.”

Craig is yet another example of a volunteer God has equipped to partner with his church leadership to accomplish Jesus’ great commission to make disciples. Let Craig’s words inspire you to leverage Disciples Made to start a disciple-making movement in your church.

“I feel the burden to disciple others and to use my gifts for God’s glory. I am proud to coordinate the DM efforts at JCI and am looking forward to the goal of 900 people in our church that have optimized their character and calling.”

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