2 Questions That Could Change How You Make Disciples Forever

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After trying to meaningfully make multiplying disciples for nearly two decades, I stopped my efforts, backed up, and asked two questions about disciple-making that changed EVERYTHING for me.

Before sharing those questions, I do want to clarify that I was making disciples before this time. There are many Elders, pastors, youth leaders, and faithful marketplace people that are in the wake of my disciple-making efforts. I love and celebrate them all!


I was not systematically multiplying disciples that multiplied disciples. That has since changed, and it changed in part because of the questions Jesus led me to ask myself.

The first question was, “Why do I care?”

Jesus prompted me to ask myself, “Why do I have a burden to see Jesus’ fame grow in my generation? Why do I feel like the growth of Jesus’ kingdom is partially my responsibility? How did that happen?” It seemed to me that if I could figure out which life-events, training experiences, books, or other resources led me to shoulder these burdens, I could provide similar experiences to others and get a similar result.

I could not find an immediate answer to this, so Jesus promoted me to ask the second question.

The second question was, “How does God actually change people?”

I was done with small group or disciple-making theory. I had enough of that training to change a nation, but it was not working. I wanted to go back to the basics of theology and discover the most practical answer to how God actually transforms people. I had the basics for how He saved people… but I was lacking the practical knowledge of how He transformed them.

The answers to these two questions have resulted in the birth of Disciples Made. Disciples Made is a theology of disciple-making, that produced a strategy for disciple-making, that produced four disciple-making experiences that have catalyzed the lives of a few thousand people in a few years.

I wonder how these questions effect you. How would you answer them?

I will share my answers in the next blog, but I don’t want to do it until I hear your answers. If you shoot them to me at [email protected], they may get included in that blog.

Hope to hear from you!

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